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St.Jacques shellfish puff and duck egg

St.Jacques shellfish puff and duck egg

I used the shells for another special recipe, and because I had bought them with caviar (rare), I decided to use them somehow. After 2-3 days of thinking I came to the result: I have to breathe. And since I also had duck eggs in the fridge, which I tasted and after I don't know how long, I was very happy to get to work.

Somehow, the final result is obtained quite easily: I mixed the eggs in a blender with 50 grams of butter at room temperature, I also broke the duck egg, I added salt and pepper and ... I pressed the button. The butter really needs to be at room temperature for the homogenization process to go smoothly.

I preheated the oven to 180 degrees and I already heated the water in a pot. You know, I decided to cook the soufflé with the bain-marie method.

I put the final mixture in a ceramic pot, and the ceramic pot in the oven, in the pot with hot water. I then closed the door tightly and sat for about 45 minutes, until the soufflé swelled with feathers of pride. The time is enough for the eggs to cook in a way that does not allow the survival of any bacteria - fish and seafood are quite demanding from this point of view.

The final portion seems small, but I assure you that 4 servings of what you see must be served, because the preparation is quite difficult in terms of cholesterol. But it's tasty so either you can eat two servings at once;).

I served the soufflé either on a piece of 100% rye bread and a bed of olive and tomato oil, or on another piece of quality bread, toasted, or simply.

Recipes for beginners and more. by Naty

600 gr sour cream
-5 l water
Method of preparation
The belly is washed and the brine is put in cold water. The water is boiled, and when it boils, the belly and the meat are scalded, after which the water is thrown away.

Peel the vegetables and put them in a pressure cooker, then add the belly and the broth on top. Put 5 l of water and boil for 2 hours. When it is ready, remove the belly and cut it into strips, pass the carrot through the small grater as well as the other vegetables. The juice in which they boiled all this is strained, as if it were clear juice. add them all to the pot and cook for another 15 minutes. Beat the eggs, then add the cream and a little of the juice, then pour it all over the soup.

Add each with vinegar to taste and can be served with crushed garlic.


Happy holidays with joys and accomplishments with loved ones! May Santa find you with a rich meal and a pure soul! Happy Birthday !

Joy comes from small things, peace from the soul, and warmth from the heart. I wish you to have them all, with your family! Happy celebrations!

Let it be your home, your home
With new dishes on the table
Santa with the sack full,
The road to life as smoothly as possible,
Wealth as much as you want,
Health for all,
And next year
May it be even better.

St.Jacques shellfish puff and duck egg - Recipes

There are only two weeks until the horror holiday of Halloween.
Last year I prepared a series of weird and great things, in fact nice things: tiramisu, muffins, profiterole, cake, etc. which I have turned into horror sweets and I invite you to watch / prepare / or spit in your breast, if you are scared. hi, hi -)))

Ah, one more thing: the first six dishes are made with Dr. Oetker products (canned powders).

Don't worry, I didn't poison myself, I didn't die and I didn't kill anyone with them. I have no cholesterol and no fat in my blood. I've been a little anemic since I knew myself, but I swear I'm being treated !!
Why did I do them? Because I won them (Dr. Oetker's boxes) -)))

In addition to the 10 sweet recipes, I added two salty recipes: Halloween Minipizza and Jack Skellington Pizza.


How funny they are, I think Tudor had a lot of fun.
I kiss you and wish you a pleasant weekend.

Yes, even if it looks like this, I would take a piece of tiramisu and a slice of cake first. The rest like that, more leisurely, in front of a good movie on the net: DD for Halloween !!

I'm anemic too! And I treat myself (bleah!)
I remember the discussion of bats with silicone on their lips! How many nights could Vlad not sleep looor care! But last year he chose me with a ghost quotation brand & quotmade by Vlad & quot and thank you again, it was good!

@Coco- two spiders from me for. you. : *

@ The little one didn't really know what they were like last year, but like any child, he wanted to play with them -)))) we kiss you too: *: *

@ Oana-please serve yourself -)

@ Kadia-so we both indulge in iron and liver, huh? -) Daaa, I also reread the conversation with Vlad from last year, because I forgot the girl, well, I'm getting older: P Thank you! : *

Bu hu hu. trick or treat? :)))

how funny they are :)) if Edutu would see them. )) Many kisses

Lots of beautiful work, I would eat papanasi ghosts first! Congratulations!

They may be awful but I think they are very tasty. Kisses!

This year I make either spiders or ghosts, depending on what I find here from Dr. Oetker: D I also have a personal plan (also Dr. Oetker, also for Halloween, but that's next, I report it as in Ancient Egypt , only if it comes out: D).

@ Antonina- daaa. and Tudor wanted to play with them :-)))))

@ Marius- papanasi ghosts are for you! : *

@ Dia-were very tasty, you know, and a box of Dr. Oetker a year really doesn't seriously harm your health. -)

@ Vladimir-hi, hi. if you can't find it, I'll send it to you, because I still have about 3 boxes: P Everything you propose, comes out, so go out in the interval -)

I'm too daring to say I like everything. lol.
Pup and beautiful evening!

@ Medi-tu, daring? Neahh! I am the perfect guinea pig, I am alive, iuhuuuu! (Successful experiment) so I gladly serve you all -)

what crazy ideas! I like !

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Boo-hoo-hooooo! what scared me! I like your ideas!

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Uh! And I'm for removing words of control - they eat my days, especially when I write a monumental comment and leave the page before that word appears & # 8230
And I do NOT eat liver, yes they gave me iron :( and B9 and B12 & # 8230

@ Kadia- it was noted, on Monday I promise they will disappear! I eat the livers that I like and after I keep them in milk for an hour they are so tender. and instead of B9 I eat pomegranate, because I hate her pills, medicines, I can't remember them, tb let me know when I buy, that I do like that grandma: & quot "Do you have acetylsalicylic acid? & quot- & quot. & quotAsa, asa, ca tot uit! & quot -)))))

super all. I'm waiting to see what you do this year. kisses !!

@ Sarah-thank you! we are still thinking ..-) kisses back

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@ Kadia- the engineer it was gone, tomorrow I bother him. I promise, I said, girl, I said !!

Recipes for beginners and more. by Naty

250 g flour
-sare salt

-1 large carrot 1 Large carrot
-1 celery root 1 Small celery root
- 2 green lettuce leaves 2 lettuce leaves
-2 green onions 2 Green onions
-2 cloves of garlic 2 Cloves of garlic
- oil oil
- soy sauce

1 tablespoon soy sauce
-ginger given by grater

a teaspoon grated ginger gave a spoon

-oil for frying
-hot sauce

Method of preparation
In a bowl put flour, water and salt and mix well, form a dough that does not stick to your hands. Let it rest

15 min.
Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables: the peeled carrot and celery are cut into straws, as well as the salad, the ginger is grated, the garlic and onion are finely chopped.

Put a little oil in a pan and fry the vegetables (without salad) very little enough to soften, then put the salad and soy sauce. Take the pan off the heat.

Egg recipes

Egg recipes are easy to prepare. Egg recipes can be prepared quickly. The egg dishes in this article are inspired by the cookbook signed by the famous Sanda Marin. Whether it's eggs with spinach, egg soufflé or the famous Romanian eggs: all these dishes are part of Romanian cuisine. These are traditional recipes, easy to approach.

Recipes for egg dishes can be eaten both as an appetizer and as a main dish. In this article we include five of the best known egg recipes. Eggs are eaten mainly for breakfast, but are also used in the preparation of several recipes. These foods are rich in vitamins, proteins and fats.

A single egg contains over 6 g of protein and several nutrients important for the proper functioning of the body, but, unfortunately, a single egg contains about 212 mg of cholesterol. Because the daily amount of cholesterol in the body should not exceed 300 mg, most people give up including eggs in the daily menu.

St.Jacques shellfish puff and duck egg - Recipes

When I accepted the proposal to make New Year's Eve, between cousins, at the Noir restaurant, I knew nothing but that it is a restaurant that is respected and where I had eaten good food several times. This time, however, the people from Noir competed in culinary and training refinements. It was a successful party, and I felt good about it. True, I am a traditionalist when it comes to food, and some things I do not like (here I would say that tastes are not discussed and that, what is refined for some, others may not arouse any emotion, at best case), but everyone has their preferences, we are not the same. As a source of inspiration for something more special to make at home, at such a festive meal, there can be the dishes I tasted on this New Year's Eve and which I show you below.

Cold appetizers

1. Cheesecake with moldy cheese and asparagus
Easy to identify in the picture, good in taste, harmonious combination between the taste of cheese and asparagus, an ingredient that I have now tasted for the first time.

2. It's something I couldn't identify, it's not on the menu, I guess, or I didn't know how to find it, wrapped in chocolate. It seemed bitter to me, or so, and I didn't like it, for that reason - I don't usually eat bitter ingredients very often.

3. Sofa of beet jelly, mango jelly and goat cheese.
It tasted good, although I can't specify a specific taste, and sour, and sweet and slightly salty.

4 and 7. Baskets with tuna cream, anchovies and salmon roe.
Pronounced taste of fish, probably given by anchovy cream. I liked the basket more, pastry product, like puff pastry.

5. Salmon on avocado bed
An interesting assortment. I'm not an avocado fan, so. I tasted the piece of salmon and that's it.

6. Shrimp skewer on caramelized pineapple.
As shrimp is not something I can taste (only his sight created a feeling of rejection), I do not know what that assortment was like.

8. Basket with chicken mousse and baked peppers.
Good, pleasant to the taste, the pastry basket was made of small dough baked in a small shape, like savarin.

9. Salad of oranges, apple, pomegranate and smoked duck breast.
It tasted very good, a little bit of everything, but sour, with baby spinach leaves or something similar. I don't think I found meat in my portion. It's the only assortment from the whole New Year's table I've eaten in its entirety.

1. Goose liver (fois gras) on quince slice, with quince puree.
Goose liver is still something I eat for the first time in my life and I still want it, but well done. Very soft and fine. It was made medium, and part of it was quite raw for my taste, you could even see the blood coming out of that piece. So, I tasted it out of curiosity, that juice dripping lightly, horrified me enough not to crave more than a mouthful. Interesting combination with baked quince.

2. Saint Jacques shells in white wine sauce, butter with cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil and parsley.
Shells are again something I taste for the first time in my life. I knew the plates of shells would be brought after the stench coming from the kitchen. I don't understand those who eat seafood, especially when they prepare it themselves, I mean the sensation felt when that specific damf comes up. Shells called St. Jacques - they have a very interesting story, search wikipedia if you want to find out - they are white and have no taste. They have the consistency of burnt sugar cream. The sauce that accompanied them was nicely spicy, and those toasted breads were perfect, and you'll laugh, but I liked that toast the most on the whole New Year's Eve menu. In second place, the drop of salad from cold appetizers.

The main course - duck breast with smoked plum sauce and mashed sweet potatoes.
The fourth ingredient I taste for the first time, sweet potato, or sweet potato. I can't say I'd like it a second time. Although, if you kiss them. no problem, but I prefer the potato I've been used to since I've known myself. The duck breast was very fragile, the appreciations go to the cook, so that for all the effort the food is exactly as it should be. I tasted what is clearly missing from that slice of chest at the top of the picture. Yes. I don't like duck, and this meat was made medium, as is fashionable now, to my dislike. Instead, I ate all the plum sauce under the meat. It was excellent and didn't look smoky to me (if it was, I wouldn't eat that one either). This dish had some chopped nuts or hazelnuts on top.

Dessert - pistachio cake.
I can't say anything about dessert, because I left immediately after the main course was served. I understood that it was a cake top plus a thick layer of vernil cream.

At the beginning of the meal, two trays with cheeses and butchers (selections, both) were brought, for whoever wants. The drink was free, as well as quantity - the dishes can be seen in the picture with the restaurant menu.

Apart from the food, it was a great party for me. Why? Because at a party the music sets the tone and it was music played by a DJ. There were mostly songs from the 70s and 80s, but also older songs from the interwar period or famous songs with Elvis, and current hits (Carla's Dreams, for example). And when the music is so good and you dance standing, in the ring, and in the chair, that you can't sit idly by, if the menu - although a sophisticated one - isn't exactly to the taste of crooks like me, that mattered less. Overall it was a successful New Year's Eve, and even though I know I give Noir more money for music and training, I think it's worth the effort.

What I would have expected it to be and it wasn't:
- a more expressive general decor of the room. It was a beautiful tree adorned somewhere at the door, crowded and semi-visible. And some small seasonal decorations on the tables, decorations that could not be seen because of the glasses, that did not take place on the table. And with that I get to point two.
- space - the round tables, of 8 people, were too small for you to understand whose glasses they were. It can also be seen in the picture above, that there were real forests of glasses on the tables, due to the not very generous space.
- I expected to have from the beginning all the sets of cutlery on the table according to the dishes, ie sets for appetizers, set for the main course. But the cutlery was put a knife and a fork on each napkin, then, before serving the next dish, the waitresses came to the tables, with trays with clean cutlery (of the same kind, not special appetizer and special main course) on who distributed them to the diners. At the menu served, we also expect a cheerful dish.
- at other New Year's Eve restaurants I know that there is also an actor or entertainer who offers a fun program of about 45 minutes, or arranges with a band of haters to come to wish / carol the diners. And the music is performed by a band, not a computer.
That didn't happen at Noir. I didn't necessarily suffer, but the lack of an entertaining moment made me feel like a regular party, not a New Year's Eve. Except for the moment with three-two-one- laaaamuuuultiaaaaani!, there was nothing else to remind me of the "balance between the years".

Friendliness of staff - exceptional, as always at Noir. Maybe this is also an important reason why I like to eat in this place.

So, all in all, it was a successful experience, which urges me to repeat, to practice, with other places, and in other cities. I would really like to compare a similar evening in another city. But until then, I wish you all a good, vigorous year with recipes to your heart's content!

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